Media Relations: Consumer, Business and Trade Print, Broadcast, Online

It is all about “who you know”! Our team has built unparalleled personal relationships with National and Regional US media and has developed a reputation as a resource for reliable and compelling expert information. We are recognized for having a fresh and candid insider’s perspective as well as our well-crafted, newsworthy ideas and great client list. We maintain close, personal contact with print, broadcast, and online media contacts that cover spirits, food, lifestyle, travel, and luxury.

Event Planning/Management

We are renowned for conceptualizing and executing flawless, brand appropriate consumer and media events of all sizes and budgets. Industry insiders consider our events to be meaningful, entertaining, and buzz-worthy. Our team has developed solid relationships with top-notch resources with whom we collaborate to create experiences that are unforgettable and always take into account the importance of the integrated marketing program at hand.

New Product/New Concept Launches

We pride ourselves on developing a deliberately crafted plan for product/concept introductions with a focus on timing and media strategy. Our steadfast goal is to achieve maximum results and build a steady buzz that will ultimately establish consistent brand awareness and sales growth.

Branding: Development/ Positioning/ Management

Through our experience and incomparable understanding of the hospitality industry, our agency specializes in advising companies in their product development efforts, strategic market entry initiatives and building or repositioning a brand identity that will resonate with both the target consumer and industry insiders. We specialize in the articulation and insightful presentation of launching and maintaining a brand’s core identity.


Because of our sincere passion for the food and drink world, we have a reputation as a trusted adviser to companies looking for guidance. Whether a brand is looking to launch, reposition or re-invigorate an existing strategy, we are an invaluable resource and are able to serve as a satellite member of any in-house team.

Strategic Partnerships/Affiliations

It is imperative for brands to align themselves with influential organizations that will catalyze brand visibility and generate buzz. We expertly identify the appropriate companies, events and individuals and then judiciously negotiate for maximum impact involvement.

Influencer Seeding

Our agency has unparalleled relationships with key influencers in the spirits, lifestyle, luxury, and epicurean worlds. We take a personalized approach to delivering and introducing product to these third-party validators and are adept at identifying the most appropriate brand champions who can make a measurable impact on the product, brand and/or campaign.

Media Kit/Collateral Material Development

Understanding the importance of telling the right story in the most compelling way is one of our greatest strengths. Our agency develops unparalleled written brand materials including press kits, website copy, press releases and marketing tools that work in tandem with the brand’s aesthetic and identity.

Media Tours/Press Trips

We have relationships with key US media from coast to coast. When a product launches, enters a new market or needs to present new initiatives to specific markets, our agency can execute a successful and results-oriented media tour. In addition to planning market specific media tours, we are highly skilled at assembling A-list groups of media for Press Trips to visit a brand’s country of origin, headquarters or distillery. From concept through execution, we coordinate with brands on how to make a Press Trip one-of-a-kind and memorable. After the trip, we maintain in constant contact with all attendees to secure maximum media results.

Media Training

We take a no-nonsense approach to media training. By either providing a media trainer to train executives and spokespeople or by personally coaching our clients, we ensure all brand spokespeople are prepared with well-crafted, precise talking points and can communicate key brand messaging effectively and concisely.

Guerilla Marketing Initiatives

We feel it is important to not only reach the media and consumer through traditional PR initiatives, but to also develop ideas for untraditional campaigns that capture this mindshare in an unexpected way. Our agency works in tandem with the brand team to develop and execute guerilla marketing plans that are stealth and sophisticated.

Viral and Social Networking

Building mindshare today also means creating a support system and utilizing communications tools that build a buzz online. We have the ability to develop grass roots, brand-specific online campaigns that focus on garnering maximum word-of-mouth amongst the target consumer. By securing a presence and building an ongoing dialogue, we utilize the right tools to help our clients grow their social networks.